Virtual Reality Technology

VR & AR in Smart Classrooms: Enhancing learning with immersive technology. 

Enhancing learning with immersive technology.

Published: 23 November 2023 Read More

Mark your Calendar: Upcoming Awareness Days

Awareness days can be a great way to guide students on a path to becoming informed and compassionate global citizens. These days serve as windows to the world, inviting students...

Published: 30 October 2023 Read More
How VR change the future of education?

How will VR change the future of education?     

Virtual Reality (VR) is changing the face of education in the way many other technologies have done before it

Published: 26 October 2023 Read More

ESSER funding meets VR EdTech in K-8 schools 

From tackling learning loss to improving technology in schools, ESSER funding is bringing real change to K-8 education. Here’s where VR edtech fits in.

Published: 5 October 2023 Read More

ESSER and ClassVR: Five ways they align 

The aims of ESSER dovetail with pioneering edtech system, ClassVR. Here are five ways VR is helping teachers tackle issues such as learning loss.

Published: 5 October 2023 Read More

ESSER funding meets VR EdTech in high schools

From tackling learning loss to improving technology in schools, ESSER funding is bringing real change to high schools. Here’s where VR edtech fits in.

Published: 5 October 2023 Read More

Use of Technology in Education: A Complete Guide  

Find out everything you need to know about the use of technology in education! The importance of using tech plus benefits, examples and more...

Published: 27 June 2023 Read More
The best way to tackle plastic pollution is to prevent it, World Environment Day

How to use Virtual Reality this World Environment Day

World Environment Day provides a valuable opportunity to empower students to become environmentally conscious. View our top 5 ClassVR scenes to use this World Environment Day.

Published: 31 May 2023 Read More
Preview of Vaisakhi Scene

How to Enhance Religious Education Lessons with Virtual Reality

The use of VR headsets brings new possibilities to religious education, allowing students to become virtually immersed in distant religious environments.

Published: 11 April 2023 Read More

British Science Week

In this blog post, we celebrate the wonders of science and explore some of the reasons why science is so important to our society.

Published: 9 March 2023 Read More
Tortoise arriving at the finishing line of the race.

Storytelling with Virtual Reality

Once upon a time in an eduverse far away, children from all over the world were learning through play… 

Published: 23 February 2023 Read More
A woman scientist using a microscope.

Women in Science: Breaking Barriers and Inspiring the Next Generation with ClassVR

Learn about the role of women in science, breaking barriers, and inspiring the next generation with ClassVR

Published: 10 February 2023 Read More

How to Use ClassVR in Paired Work 

Explore the benefits of collaborative learning with ClassVR's cutting-edge VR and AR technology.

Published: 17 January 2023 Read More

What is a STEM Lab? A Complete Teacher’s Guide 

What is a STEM lab and what technologies should you include to create practical & hands-on learning environments? Read our complete teacher guide to find out!

Published: 1 November 2022 Read More
Benefits of Augmented Reality in Education

Benefits of Augmented Reality in Education 

Multi-sensory learning, student engagement, memorable lessons... Read this article to find out the benefits of AR in education!

Published: 7 September 2022 Read More
Incorporating VR into Lesson Plans

How to Successfully Incorporate Virtual Reality into Your Lesson Plans

Have you ever considered how you can incorporate virtual reality into your lesson plans? Read our latest blog to learn how!

Published: 23 August 2022 Read More
Advantages of Virtual Reality in Education

Advantages of Virtual Reality in Education  

From enhancing student engagement to improving knowledge retention, discover the advantages of virtual reality in education in this quick guide!

Published: 16 August 2022 Read More
Examples of Virtual Reality in Education

5 Best Virtual Reality in Education Examples 

Discover how VR & AR are used by educators around the world with these 5 inspiring virtual reality in education examples!

Published: 14 July 2022 Read More

What is Augmented Reality? Everything You Need to Know

You’ve probably already experienced augmented reality (AR) today. It’s everywhere. From education to retail to gaming, AR pops up in places you would expect and places you really wouldn’t! But...

Published: 26 April 2022 Read More

What is Virtual Reality? Everything You Need to Know

Virtual reality. VR. The metaverse. It’s the hot topic that everyone’s talking about… but what is virtual reality? 

Published: 7 April 2022 Read More

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