Enhance Learning with Virtual Reality this British Science Week 2021

Each year we dedicate a week to science. British Science Week 2021 focuses on “Innovating for the future” which encourages students to celebrate science and get creative and innovative when considering science concepts such as spaceatoms and everything in between. 

Virtual Reality Lesson Ideas for British Science Week 2021

Many science concepts can be tricky to understand but virtual reality can help. With the use of virtual reality any science experience is possible. Students can fully immerse themselves in explorable scenes or 360-degree pictures or videos; it is the perfect way to get your students excited about science.  

Why not try some of these fun and exciting lessons during British Science Week 2021?

1. Visit Mars with the Perseverance Rover 

Transport all your students 300 million miles away to Mars with the Perseverance Rover, all from the safety of a ClassVR headset or web browser. Let your students explore the planet, get up close and personal with the rover and stir curiosity by asking questions related to the scene. This scene is exclusively available to everyone to access throughout March 2021. Sign-up here to get access and explore with your students. 

2. Explore the Human Body & Visualise Molecules 

Inspect the brain, an eye or even a red blood cell right from your hand. From Biology to Chemistry, let your students experience things they would never imagine, question the human anatomy and understand how the body works. For ClassVR users, check out the Human Anatomy 3D & Chemistry 3D playlists in the ClassVR portal. 

VR Human Anatony Experience

3. Create and Upload Your Own 3D Models  

An activity provided by British Science Week was to “Design your own Robo-bug”, why not take this further and create a virtual 3D model of this? Whether that is built in Paint 3D or physically built and turned into a 360-degree photo, students can then experience the models they have created using VR! Simply upload to the ClassVR portal and share with your class.  

Image showing uploading own 360 image to Portal

Super Science Land Opening Soon!

Avanti’s World, the world’s first educational virtual reality theme park, will be opening its gates to visitors soon and this includes a whole land dedicated to science called Super Science LandKeep science exciting and continue to encourage students beyond British Science Week 2021. With hundreds of explorable science scenes for your students to visit independently, as a group or in a teacher-controlled environment, Avanti’s World provides virtual reality experiences on all ClassVR headsets and on any device with a web browser. 

To learn how ClassVR & Avanti’s World can support your science lessons further, book a demonstration with our team.  

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