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Image of avatars on a virtual beach in VRroom Get started now Introducing VRroom A Free Social Engagement Tool For Student Well-being Avanti's World The world's first educational virtual reality theme park Learn More Introducing Avanti's World The NEW Premium headset & hand controller ________________________________________________________________ Explore the new headset > Faster, Brighter & Lighter Find out just how simple it is to plan & deliver
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_____________________________________________ Learn how to plan & deliver VR lessons Simple classroom controls
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Deliver subjects to many student VR headsets
Explore the vast library of VR & AR lessons NEW - Back to school with great new VR and AR Lesson Resources See the latest worksheets which join our current library of over 700 lesson ideas... See how Oak Run Middle School are using ClassVR
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____________________________________________ Using ClassVR for Virtual Field Trips
at Oak Run Middle School
Create Your Own Upload and share any 360 photo
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_________________________________ Find out how to create your own content Create your own educational
VR experiences and share
them with your students