Download the ClassVR App Today!

The ClassVR App is designed to be used by school teachers in combination with our FREE ClassVR demonstration headset – simply strap in and begin to understand how virtual reality can be used to transform student engagement during lessons.

ClassVR Apple iOS App
ClassVR Google Play Android App

The App will give you the best sample experience when used with large smartphones – those with at least a 4.7” screen will suffice, and larger devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Note or Apple iPhone 6+ will be ideal.

Once installed, you’ll be instantly transported into a school classroom, with a variety of features to find and subjects to explore. Using the navigation dot you can interact with the room and learn more about the opportunities that virtual reality gives teachers to create engaging and immersive lessons.

The full range of classroom technology available from Avantis Systems can be viewed within the classroom as well. Everything from our ClassCharge wireless charging units, through to our latest LearnPad school tablets can all be seen in action. Simply use your navigation dot to explore and find out more.

ClassVR Taster App Screenshot
ClassVR Taster App Screenshot
ClassVR Taster App Screenshot