3 Ways Virtual Reality Can Transform Education

Learning and teaching is so much easier with engaged students. Teachers know that one of the key challenges facing them is student engagement in the classroom. With digital tools we have new opportunities – opportunities to distract and disengage children from their learning at school and in the classroom, as well as opportunities to transform education for good… 

Digital technologies have become household items for many students, and they have access to a world of entertainment. This means finding innovative, exciting ways to engage students at school is EVEN more challenging! How can you build engagement and understanding in your lessons, while making sure your classroom technology compares with everything they already have at their disposal? (Spoiler alert, there are solutions!)  

One answer is using virtual reality with ClassVR. 

Junior School Students

Exciting learning experiences

Virtual reality is a groundbreaking addition to your teaching toolkit that doesn’t just transform education, but also offers your students a new, engaging technology that many won’t have experienced at home or potentially ever. This brings the focus of the classroom back to a place of excitement and memorable learning experiences!

Deliver engaging lessons

VR can fully immerse your students in the lesson, gripping their imagination and stimulating their thought in ways never dreamed of with traditional books, pictures and videos.  

With ClassVR and Avanti’s World, your students can visit places that aren’t practical or even possible in real life, all from the safety of the classroom! Imagine holding an elephant in your hand, exploring inside a flowing vein, or even walking with dinosaurs. It’s all possible! 

Dinosaur VR Scene

What’s more, you can put your students in stimulating, difficult or even dangerous educational situations with absolute safety. Whether they’re trudging through the dark, cramped trenches of WW1 or witnessing the destruction of the Great Fire of London, virtual reality lets you teach your students empathy, safety and emotion in new and innovative ways – taking their learning to the next level.

Improve student outcomes

One of the most important aspects of virtual reality learning – one that no other technology can match – is EXPERIENCE.  

Edgar Dale theorised that we only retain around 10% of what we read, but 90% of what we experience. VR transports students into exciting, engaging experiences where they become part of the teaching topic, meaning they genuinely live the lesson. This means knowledge retention can go through the roof!  

For instance, after reading the Lord Of The Flies with your class, imagine using virtual reality to transport your students to join the stranded boys on the deserted tropical island. How would their knowledge retention and understanding of the book improve if they could step into the pages and see the story with their own eyes?  

Lord of The Flies VR Scene

The opportunities are endless – you can deliver educational experiences that last a lifetime! 

Transform education with virtual reality

Enhancing and extending the learning experience is at the heart of what virtual reality can offer studentsWhether it’s boosting student engagement, improving knowledge retention or simply making sure the classroom is an even more exciting place to learnit can benefit education in so many ways. VR is one of the most powerful technologies available today, and it could transform education forever.  

To find out how ClassVR and Avanti’s World can help you deliver engaging learning experiences, book a demonstration with one of of educational specialists today. 

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